Tuesday, 8 April 2008

"We Aren't The Dead"

These images form part of an ongoing project which takes a look, from a social documentary/fine art viewpoint, of how and where the retired end up living.
My parents moved into their sheltered accommodation a few years ago. They were forced to leave their much-loved bungalow due to the increasing stress and torment caused to them by the local residents. They’re now much happier to be a part of a security-controlled, intercommed world. They feel safe and secure there. Some may find it’s austere bricked hallways prison-like, but not them.
My aunt’s husband passed away in January last year, after 44 years of marriage. The emotional impact has been life-changing. She now lives alone in her sheltered accommodation flat. She’s also safe and secure, but lonely too.
Far from being stereotypical stagnant pensioners, they’re active, surprisingly energetic people with social networks and busy family lives.
I aim to convey a compassionate, humanistic atmosphere within my images, whilst dodging the pitfalls of sentimentality and cliché. My work also attempts to transform usually mundane objects beyond their physical presence. I want to leave clues to peoples’ lives within my images, and give the viewer a glimpse into another world.


Julie said...

Hey Sean - just looked you up after reading about your project in BJP - really like your idea and the accompanying images. Sometimes I find the EndFrame ideas so far fetched and in outer space, it's refreshing to see something more close to home, and to the photographer. Good luck with it all!

Sean said...

Hello Julie
Thanks for your comments - that's really encouraging of you - thanks for taking the time out.
I know what you mean about Endframe, sometimes I just don;t get it, or can't relate. Conceptual isn't my bag.
I've had some really positive feedback about this project, which I'm planning to develop further. I want to get to know some of the other residents, and I think this could run and run.
Many thanks