Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Progress Report

Rhubarb-Rhubarb, the UK’s International Portfolio Review event, took place at the Aston Business School in Birmingham from 31st July – 3rd August. I’ve worked at Rhubarb for a number of years now, but this event was different for me. I was showing my portfolio for the first time proper. Although daunting at first, it became informative, and on reflection was an invaluable experience. I got some encouraging, informative and interesting feedback on my projects. I knew I was going in the right direction, but to have my convictions confirmed by experts in the field really vindicates the belief I hold in what I do.

I’d like to thank all those reviewers who reviewed my portfolio; Thomas Kellner, Moritz Neumuller, Bill Kouwenhoven, Jim Casper, Peg Amison, Sian Bonnell, Chris Rauschenberg, Karol Hordziej, Katy Barron and Kate Pryor-Williams.

I’m having a solo exhibition at Wolverhampton’s Light House in 2009. Date to be confirmed. I’m also in talks with Wolverhampton Art Gallery about collaborating on a possible exhibition opportunity.

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